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What is hsCorp?

Our community, named "HsCorp" - formerly known as "The HeadShot Corporation", was founded in 2012 with the aspiration to be amongst the best Counter Strike 1.6 gamming communities on the web.

Re-founded in February 2014, our mission was clear: To set out and create a legal, professional, and fair environment for gamers to be a part of. During this process we migrated all our servers to a data centre located in Nuremberg, Germany. Most aspects of hsCorp have been refined, from our hierarchy of management to our philosophy in regards to the operation of our community, to ensure that we provide an experience that is both fair and hospitable. Therefore we can say that we live by the old name, but not the same practices.

Today, with the objective of providing a community that allows like-minded players to enjoy gaming online, we are a group of people that, unlike many, do not focus specifically on a single game but rather focus on socializing with each other over a wide range of games and topics. Maintaining a high standard of security and confidentiality is always our number one priority. One of the ways we have implemented this into our website is through the use of SSL, which encrypts all data that our customers send to us. This ensures that our customers are kept safe when they checkout with us.

If you’re someone who likes to be a part what takes place behind the scenes, then sign up today and be a part of our union of mature people from all over the globe.

What makes us different?

We take security seriously

All data you send to us is done so through a secure connection between your internet browsers and our website. This is accomplished using modern security technology known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This technology works by encrypting all signals that are established between your browser and our servers to eliminate the chance of your details being read if intercepted.

Uptime is always our priority

All of our servers are constently being monitored by our automated processes to ensure that they are always online. In the event of crash, each server has been set up to auto boot within a minute of crashing, hence the reason why each of our servers have a minimum of 98% uptime.

We welcome everyone

Our community is mostly likey one of the most diverse that you've ever come across on the world wide web. We have players from over 95 countries, and this continues to expand every day as we develop as a community.

We use Two-way Authentication

All of our server require our staff to sign into our forums before connecting. This is done to validate that the same user is connected to both services. This is an extra precaution we take in-case our members of staff have their in-game password compromise.

How do I support hsCorp?

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News & Announcements

Server-Assistant / DUST2

Mon 8th Jan 2018

Hello people! As of the inactivity of @"ZLO", we're proud to announce our new DUST2 Server-Assistant @"Over". He's a really mature guy and take a lot of care to the server. Hope you're doing well - you deserve it.  :thumbup:...

Discord server

Fri 6th Oct 2017

Hi all, A Discord server has been set up for all to join, if you want your own channel that can be done, we will also use this to help report and help players. https://discord.gg/3rxmCym - link to join. if you have any questions feel free to ask....

Support / No Support of admin-applications

Tue 5th Sep 2017


Semiclip News (boosts)

Sun 19th Mar 2017

After our recent server upgrades it's now possible to boost players while semiclip is active! All you have to do is press the crouch button and you can give another player a lift. That means, there's no more blocking but you can still use all the fancy boosts with your teammates! Have fun trying them out! https://picload.org/image/rliirdwl/boost_1.jpghttps://picload.org/image/rliirdwi/boost_2.jpg...